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sata / ide mix - want to clone ide-C to the new sata-K and boot with it

winXP sp2 - just got a new sata, made a clone of the boot partition to the sata, which is system recognizes as drive K:

now, i would like to have the system boot to the cloned WinXP on the sata, and use the old IDE drive for storage, but when i try to do this win aborts the boot sequence claiming that it can't find hal.dll - which is in the correct location - in this case K:\windows\system32. but perhaps the OS doesn't like residing on K: - and the registry entries would anyway point to C:.

tried installing a fresh copy of winXP onto the SATA as well, but this doesn't work as the winXP install disk is stupid enough to require the SATA drivers on a floppy drive to recognize the hd. my box doesn't even have a floppy drive.

alas - what to do to achieve my goal? i'm a bit under the gun here, too...

2 Solutions
You'll need to create a slipstreamed WinXP installation CD with sp2 and SATA drivers on it.

Slipstreaming SATA drivers into an installation

First boot your old system and install the sata drivers inside windows. That way you shouldn't need the floppy later. Now, what program did you use to clone the drive? ghost? acronis trueimage? another utility? Check if that cloning program has the ability to hide the newly created clone, so, after cloning, remove the old drive and use the utility to "unhide" the cloned drive. This should make sure the new disk stays drive C:. Maybe you will need a bootable CD of the cloning utility so that you can "unhide" the new drive. After that try booting. If that works now, and after having tested your new installation, you can delete the partitions on the old drive, repartition it as an extended partition with logical drives (this will prevent it from taking over drive C again), and use it for your Data. Another possibility would be to first make image files of your original drive, then remove that drive and install your Sata, then restore the images to that drive. The disadvantage here is that you need some extra space for those image files.
zdoeAuthor Commented:
glad you've got an approach without reinstall - i'd hate to lose all the apps & system settings.

i got the sata drivers installed in winXP - the system sees the drive ok as an additional drive - now i just need it to be a bootable one. it's the xp installation routine that doesn't bother to look for them on the local drives, just from a floppy.

did the clone with partition magic. yes, with it i can hide the original C - perhaps that'll force the system to see the sata as C? a bit scared to try that as i don't have the partition magic CD with me now and hiding C may render the system unbootable...
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Just make a new partition magic CD. I'd wait till you can get that CD. And you'll have to make sure that you have selected the hide partition while cloning. If you don't the drive will get the new drive letter as soon as you boot the first time and this is difficult to undo (you could try using the other utility of pqmagic, I think it is called drive mapper or something like that, but you would at least have to be able to boot). With the CD you should also be able to assign drive letters to the partition (just to make sure before you boot off the HD).
zdoeAuthor Commented:
just an update, almost 2 days into this specific piece of hardware hell:

rindi - the approach while conceptually beautiful turns out to be not so easy to pull off as the sata drive is invisible to most bootable cd's, including the partition magic one. i made some inroads to this, but got sadly shut down by the fact that the copy of original C created by partition magic doesn't have the sata drivers and therefore doesn't boot. further, on my next round i was moving/resizing the original C with partMag and something went wrong, so now the original C-partition is damaged (don't know yet if i can fix it with something, probably have to pull the drive out and put it onto another machine and play with it).

callandor - i did a slipstreamed winXP install disk with the sata drivers, and all would be good with it, except that it refuses to do a repair install over an existing install (which would maintain the orignal apps and settings). i do now have a clean winXP install on the sata. it boots, but all the apps/settings are lost.

anybody know of a way to FORCE winXP setup to repair-install, not overwrite?

what does a boot.ini file contain for booting from a sata?

anyway now i'm stuck with a damaged original C + a Sata C that contains a fresh install of XP with all the apps / settings lost. i trust i'll be able to restore the original C partition, but still don't know how i'll be able to get it onto the sata without reinstalling all the apps.

any further pointers will be much appreciated...
zdoeAuthor Commented:
still haven't gotten to the heart of this, though i've started painfully and manually reinstalling apps onto the clean sata C.

also, with the time wasted on this, i'm wondering how i could install miniPE (one of the bootable CD's that DOES see the sata) onto a recovery partition on the EIDE drive. i played around with BartPE that allegedly can be installed on a HD, but its install function fails if the drive it's supposed to be installed to is not drive 0. in my system it ended up being 4.

or - is there a generic way of installing a CDrom ISO as a bootable HD partition so that i could switch disks to my liking?

to achieve this i guess i need a boot manager - again the two i tried don't see the SATA at boottime and are therefore unKosher (xosl, partition managers boot manager app...).
Wouldn't it just have been easier to get a floppy drive and temporarly install it into your machine so you could give windows setup the SATA drivers that it needed?
zdoeAuthor Commented:
yes, you're right, but given all the drive bays are already taken it's wouldn't be THAT easy either. and i hate to spend $ on hardware that i'd use only once.

anyway, i've now given up on trying to get the cloned partition to work, and started painstakingly reinstalling everything.

my previous unanswered question would still be an answer to many a pain along the way:

"or - is there a generic way of installing a CDrom ISO as a bootable HD partition so that i could switch disks to my liking?"

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