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Copying text to clipboard from within Windows console application:

I have a simple console application which searches through a file for a character string.  I want to copy this string to the clipboard ( I believe this is the correct place) in order that I can paste the string somewhere later.  Could someone provide an example of how to do this?

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Jaime OlivaresCommented:
Writing from my mind (not tested):

CopyTextToClipboard(char *text)
    HGLOBAL h;
    char *lock;

    h = GlobalAlloc(GMEM_MOVEABLE | GMEM_DDESHARE , strlen(text)+1);
    lock = (char *)GlobalLock(h);
    strcpy(lock, text);
    SetClipboardData(CF_TEXT, h);
mrdtnAuthor Commented:
OpenClipboard() required an argument.  I used NULL since it was a console app.

I did see some strange behavior.  The VC++ editor would always paste the correct string, but other apps would paste some previous string.  I added a call to EmptyClipboard, and it seems to be consistent now.  However, I am still confused as to why it was behaving the way it was.

If you can explain what is/was going on, it would be very helpful.

Anyway, thanks for the quick solution.

Jaime OlivaresCommented:
>The VC++ editor would always paste the correct string, but other apps would paste some previous string
I think this occur when an application copies many version of a string (plain text, formatted text, html text), so you are replacing only plain text version (by example, when copying from MS-Word), but try with Notepad, maybe this doesn't occur.

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