Win XP Wireless Problem; No Available Networks


Im bleary eye'd after chasing this one for hours.

I have a wireless network at home.  Went away for a few months and now my ACER laoptop cannot connect to the wireless LAN (Cisco unit).  I have a couple of IBM laptops that connect just fine.

On the Acer I am using windows XP SP2

On the Wireless Network Connections Properties, the Available Networks list is blank, but it should show at least one entry.

Did I change a setting somewhere which has knocked my laptop out of sync?



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AlasdairMcLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure that you've not disabled wifi somewhere, either by a hardware switch, or within device manager. Most laptops will either have a wifi button or switch visible somewhere on the unit, or there will be a keyboard combination you'll need to use. Hopefully this is the issue.

Does the Acer connect to other access points.

Have you set your access point to broadcast the SSID? If not, just add a wireless network within the wireless network connection properties with the name being your SSID, and see if it will connect to that. You'll need to set your encryption  up here also.

Try making an ad hoc connection to another of your notebooks, just to make sure that the wireless is working on your Acer.

There are many different things it could be, make sure that you've not changed any of your network settings anywhere, like if you were setting up a new connection over the LAN.
ConConlonAuthor Commented:

Good man !

Took thicko here a while to find the wee jimmy-button-thingy on the right hand side.  I had also hit a check box on the driver configuration, but both of these are OK now and all works well.

Back to basics eh!

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