Panel display error

I have completed a web appto update and modify an email application. The code works fine the first time I run through it.

However during testing I noticed a problem. After I perform an update the email confirmation screen apprears which is the way it is supposed to work. However if I delete the email and click the submit button without exiting the page (meaning I remove my email right after I have performed an update succcesfully and click the submit button),
the email confirmation panel is not displayed.

I tried debugging the code I set a break point in the code:
deleteconfirm.Visible = true;

it reaches this line but it does not set the value to true, the values still remains false so the panel does not get displayed. Any suggestions?

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i suggest you have your e-mail in somecontrol? if so, you may be need to set your AutoPostBack property to true?

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