Help - Data Lost for Good?

My company recently installed Symantec Norton Ghost 2003 on a Dell Optiplex 2650 (Raid 5 setup). Installation went fine, but when we launched Ghost for the first time, we were prompted to decide which device to use (USB 1.1 or USB 2.0). We chose 2.0, and the system then prompted that if we chose UBB 2.0, external storage would be disabled. Options were OK or Cancel, and we chose OK.

The next step was to continue with the image, and then the server rebooted. When the server rebooted, we could no longer access the external DVD drive, which made sense. The admin unplugged the DVD, deinstalled the DVD writer software, uninstalled the Notron Ghost software and then rebooted the server. Before the reboot, the server had a logical C and D drives (5 physical disks - RAID 5). After the reboot, we could only see the C drive - we had completely lost the D drive and can no longer access the data that was stored on that logical drive. Having said this, it does not look like we lost the partition, as the C drive appears to be the same size.

Was wondering if anyone else here had had this problem, or if someone might know of a solution. Obviously, we'd like to get access to the data back if we can.

Forgive me, posting this for a friend in the company (I have an account here, he does not), and I am not very knowledgeable about this type of thing, so I may have left some things out or misstated the situation in some way. If you need more information, just let me know and I will provide any details you may need.

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Yikes!!  Maybe try partition magic to see if you can bring back the missing partition.  That's all I got.
Link to more tools that might help:

Does the harddisk where the partitions were on, give the used space for the partition as free space? If so, you might try to do a normal data recovery scan of the harddrive with a normal file recoverer. Some recoverers (like this one ) have more then 1 mode for data searching. The one i wrote down here, is quite good. i reformatted my hd and then used it, and almost all files showed up again. i think this one is worth a shot if you do the exhaustive search, which takes kinda long, but has a high chance of succes.

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Well, i take that it has worked :) Thanks for the points, and hope to help you again later,
Thank you much.    : )
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