need help uploading to ftp server

I was recently asked by a service provider to use his ftp server to upload art files to him. Up until now, I have only uploaded files as email attachments so this is all very new and scary to me.
Firstly, I need the name of a recommended program to use to log onto his server, preferably freeware, but I am not opposed to paying for a good product. I also need some instructions on how to connect if the program is not idiot proof. My needs are not that sophisticated, logon, upload, logoff. Using win2000/XP boxes with a decent speed DSL connection. Question may not be difficult but I am in urgent need of solving it with limited intellectual resources
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lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:

jagadeesh_motamarri is correct, SmartFTP is a powerful, yet free, FTP program. XP also has a simple FTP program built into it. Simply double-click on the "My Network Places" icon on your desktop, then click "Add a network place". When the wizard pops up, click Next, then select "Choose another network location", then click Next again. On the next screen, enter in the ftp address, and click next. You'll be prompted for a user name, and also be sure to uncheck the "Log on anonymously" box. Click next, give that connection a name, and finish the wizard. At this point, if you are connected to the internet it will connect automatically, and prompt you for the password. If not (or the next time you want to connect), once you connect to your internet service you can open up "My Network Places" window and double click on the icon you set up. You'll then see a view of files located on the remote server. You can drag and drop local files into that window, and they will be uploaded onto the server.

jagadeesh_motamarriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SmartFTP v 1.1 is the best i have ever seen u can download and use that...Here is the link

Hope u will find this useful

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