How do I have a disclamer pop-up when a patron tries to access our free internet access ?

How do I have a disclamer pop-up when a patron tries to access our free internet access via their own laptops ?
You know no porn down loads etc.

ANY solutions appreciated
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give the WAPs separate SSIDs, and require (at least) a WEP key for the staff one...that way no one can use it without hacking the WEP first (not too likely if there's a free one available for them to use)
I personally haven't seen anything that will do this...

You would have to have all users going through a proxy server to somehow trigger a message, but I don't know which will do it.

Is it possible to require users to authenticate (login) before surfing?
You should look at a gateway system such as nocat ( It is a complicated linux based thing, but very powerful. You can get it to authenticate and log people, or you can just have people agree to a disclaimer.
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Do you want to allow them access at all?  I found a program that is similar to a internet cafe program that you might be interested in:
dorgunrAuthor Commented:
what is the difference if any between a splash screen and a pop-up screen ?
if laptops are configured to prevent pop-ups will that present a problem ?

I'm confused... the solutions above are way too complex for our needs all we want is a
disclaimer page for the patron to read before proceeding to browse the internet.

how about posting a sign on the door? (yes, I am serious)
dorgunrAuthor Commented:
That is a serious option but does not address the technical question...
My instructor at school mnetioned no-cat and Blue Coat but they are too complex or

Also how does one have an access point for the staff LAN and an access point for wireless public patron
if their signals could possibly over-lap ???
Any one deal with this issue ???

dorgunrAuthor Commented:
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