Batch processing image sequences

I have hundreds of folders each containing a unique image sequence of PNGs and want to batch process these through Flash 7.2.  

How can this be done in Flash?  Could the batch process refer to an XML document detailing: directory paths, 'save as' names and paths, etc.?

Here are the steps:

1. Change document size to the size of the PNG

2. Create a new layer

3. Select frame1 on the new layer

4. Import PNGs to timeline
(Ctrl+R, browse to folder, answer yes to "This file appears to be a part of a sequence of images.  Do you want to import all of the images in the sequence?")

5. Insert blank frame at frame1 and last frame (F5)

6. Save document and give unique name

7. Publish SWF at 80% JPEG quality for Flash Player 6

8. Close
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you mean like commands?
from the help file...

Select a step or set of steps in the History panel.
Select Save As Command from the History panel options menu.
Enter a name for the command and click OK.
The command appears in the Commands menu.

Note: The command is saved as a JavaScript file (with the extension.jsfl) in your Flash MX 2004\<language>\First Run\Commands folder.

speyfisherAuthor Commented:
A JSFL script sounds nice but saving History as a Command does not allow me to 'record' most of the steps required to import an image sequence in the manner I have been doing.

These steps can not be replayed, saved, or copied and will be skipped

1. Resize stage (Modify Flash Document)
3. Select frame 1 (Select Frames)
4. Import (Import)
5a. Select frame1 (Select Frames)
5b. Select last frame (Select Frames)
6. Save As
7. Publish
8. Close

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true ... not sure if there is a way of editing the jsfl script ...
aside from that I don't have any answers. There is no handy record macro button like in, say, excel, or photoshop that I know of...
sorry bout that - someone should be along shortly.
Simply you cannot (by this time) without your interaction:
Howdy...  :)

There are ready made tools that might do the job you are looking for...

Hope that helps...  :)

speyfisherAuthor Commented:
I can process these image sequences in batches using some jsfl scripting, an external file referencing info about the batch input/output,  and an FLA serving as a template.

Since many of the PNG image sequences are similar in aspect ratio and number of files (e.g. 20 images @ 640x480) I can process those similar image sequences in batches:

Create an FLA in folder containing the PNGs (e.g. C:\folder1\original.fla). Publish C:\folder1\original.swf and save.

JSFL script can:
 - copy C:\folder1\original.fla to C:\folder2\original2.fla
 - open C:\folder2\original2.fla
 - update library of C:\folder2\original2.fla
 - publish C:\folder2\original2.swf
 - save and close C:\folder2\original2.fla
 - copy/move C:\folder2\original2.fla, C:\folder2\original2.swf to another location.

The JSFL should refer to an external file (e.g. xml, txt, etc) that lists the input/output info such as location of the 'original' fla, location of image sequences, output location, etc.


Thanks for the info and good luck:)

no objections:)
me neither...  :)
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