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I connect to a colocated server via terminal services. I'd like a way to setup one-button file synch from my local drive to the server (no VPN so Network Neighborhood stuff is not an option). I want to avoid a dedicated FTP client that typically includes that feature unless it really can boil stuff down to a click or two.

I have terminal services configured so the server can access my local drive via:

So perhaps the problem boils down to as simple as the DOS command that will copy only newer files (including those inside subs).

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ddunleaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi juststeve,

I wouldn't use cdRsynch, I'd use the minimal version in the second link. The reason being, that cwRsynch sets up an rsync server which you don't need.

If you read the man page here:

A secure network is often implemented using a Secure Shell Tunnel, but that is when one dir is on a remote machine. Because you can access all files as if they were local, by way of terminal services, you don't need to use an rsynch server, or a SSH tunnel.

You may need to run rynch twice though. It generally presumes that one dir is up to date and the other needs to get data from that. In order to synchronise two dirs where one may be more up to date than another for one file, but vice-versa for another, you will probably need to run something like:

rsync -av local/ server/
rsync -av server/ local/

I've not actually tried this myself though, so please experiment carefully before you use this as your production system.

Hi juststeve,

If it were a unix machine, I'd say use rsync. But it's not.

Well, I'm still going to say rsync. For info on what it is, see here:

And for how to install a minimal version on windows, see here:

juststeveAuthor Commented:
Thx ddunlea...that looks promising. I've poked around the pages a bit but so far, it's not clear if this is a 'mirroring' situation. E.G. changes on local are automatically uploaded to server. (I'm looking specifically at cwRsynch).

Also...there's a reference:
SET CYGWIN=nontsec
"c:\Program Files\cwRsync\rsync" -avr /cygdrive/c/srcdir/ WINSERVER::wintest

NB! Keep in mind that the recipe above is suitable for operations within a secure network.
A secure network isn't a requirement, is it?
juststeveAuthor Commented:
Just for the record/ the weeks since I asked this question, I've found the best solution was establishing a VPN connection to my server and then (since the server can be addressed as a network share) using Directory Toolkit ( for the machanics of the synch.
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