How do you change the title in a PowerPoint mhtml webpage? PowerPoint mht/mhtml

I saved as a webpage in my PowerPoint Presentation and I want to change the title.  Not sure how to.  

Also is there any way to make the page load faster?  Thank you for your time...
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paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
When you save a PPT file as HTM or MHTML using "Save as" menu option, see the button just above the space where you specify the file name to save. You can change the title using this "Change title" button.

If your PPT file contains images, resize them to make them small.
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
I have never come across a power point html page but what happens if you right click on it, go to open with... and then select note pad ?

The html should be something like so :



Something to that extent and you basically have to find the Title tags ie <TITLE> </TITLE> and the title goes in between those 2 tags ;)
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
With regards to making the page load faster, that depends whats on or in the page, ie images, video clips, what size they are , what connection the other person or yourself has ( ie the person testing it ) and other things as well.
chkanuckAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot bro, I can't believe I looked that over... Worked like a charm.  

One more thing for anyone else looking at this thread for some help.  If you are trying to publish your PowerPoint presentation to the web it is best to:

Save as Webpage => goto Save as Type => Choose Web Page (Not Single File Web Page)

It gives you a number of files that load individually for each slide, instead of just one huge file that takes a very long time to load...

Thanks again to everyone that posted...
paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
Sometimes we do overlook very simple things :)

One more thing ... "Save as" "Web archive" (.mht, .mhtml) format will not work if you don't have Outlook or Outlook Express installed. (I have removed it from my PC). It is indeed best to save the file as Web Page only.

Glad to help :)
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