Weird Outlook 2000 issue.

I have a user receiving a .PCF file in Outlook.  The .PCF file is proprietary to our software and is just like a .ZIP file so it's no big deal.  However this is what is happening.  They can right click on the attachment and choose to Save it to their dekstop, and they can even open it with no problems.  However, when they try and double-click on the attachment from within Outlook, they will get the Open or Save As dialog, when they choose "Open" they will be prompted with this error message:

The message received is as follows:          
"The file c:\documen~1\brendaf\locals~1\temp\point.~CF could not be extracted."  

If you go into the Local Profile and delete the .tmp files i.e. Start>Run>%temp%, it will work one time and you can open the attachment in Outlook no problem, but it will only work one time no more, each time after that you will get the above error message.

Any clues as to why this is happening?


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Purple_TidderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You say the files are proprietary, is the software yours?  I would guess that it's trying to extract over the top or replace another file in the temp, and the program does not have correct error handling so it just fails.  This makes sense because of the fact that if you empty your temp it works, but the next time it tries to extract to/from the temp it doesn't work.

Hope this helps some.

Is removing and reinstalling Outlook an option?  Also, do they have all service packs downloaded for Office?
Does your pc have the latest windows updates both for office and windows (I have resolved alot of problems using office update.. as painful as it is)

How big are the files you are trying to extract?
itsmevicAuthor Commented:
The attachments are no larger than 4 to 5KB in size.  
Thanks for the points, and sorry I didn't think of this sooner!
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