MSDE - VB.NET - Fastest way to retrieve 5000 records?

Hi. I'm fairly familiar with Microsoft Access & MySQL as far as VB.NET programming is concerned.

In MySQL, the fastest way to retrieve data is to use a datareader.

Is this also true for MSDE?

- I'm not concerned with updates.
- I simply want to do "Select from table where Something=something" and look at the results (in my code) and go on with life.

I need the absolute fastest way to do this.


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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
For the most part, yes, that is why I used the word "appropriate".  

The question is actually for the most part unrelated to the backend database (and strictly speaking unrelated to .NET, per se), you could have said DB2, Oracle or MS Access instead of MSDE.  It has everything to do with the database interface you use, in your case ADO.NET.  My point is that the question could have been phrased without regard to the database something like this:
What is the fastest way to retrieve a resultset using ADO.NET

The answer is (still) using a Data Reader.

The only caveat (that is why I say "for the most part") is that since you are using MSDE you should use SQLDataReader (from the System.Data.SqlClient namespace) as opposed to the OleDbDataReader (from the System.Data.OleDb namespace)

That is why I suggested you post in more appropriate TA. But if you get the help you need here, more power to you.  
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
>>Is this also true for MSDE?<<
Yes.  But this question would be best posted in a more appropriate Topic Area, such as:
oxygen_728Author Commented:
Sorry it seemed logical that MSDE experts would know how to integrate MSDE databases into VB.NET
oxygen_728Author Commented:
Thanks for the help. I'll try that out as soon as i get time
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