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I need dreaweaver for my class and my teacher gave me a serial # for the product to use but its not working, are the mac and pc software products different.
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Yes, the serial numbers differ between the Mac and Windows platforms. A Windows serial will not work on a Mac and vice-versa. This also applies to upgrades. you cannot upgrade cross-platform. Your teacher needs to provide you with a Mac-specific serial and you can then activate your copy. If they do not have one, then you will need to buy a Mac license. It seems like you would be eligible for an Educational license.


This question appears to violate the hacks and cracks rule:
This rule prohibits experts from offering advice on defeating software licensing security--and makes the question subject to deletion. Can you explain why your situation might be different?
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ceceredeanAuthor Commented:
Yes I can explain, the tech at school gave me a serial # that should work for a month Im not looking for a serial # or where to get one.  If you read my question carefully instead of eagerly typing your response you would see that all I was asking would be since I have a Mac and I got a pc serial would that be the reason why my software isnt working?
I asked one of the moderators to look in on this question. After review, he is satisfied that the subject matter is legitimate.
byundt--Office TA Page Editor
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