ISA 2000 server ssl certificate problem


I recently had to replace the self made ssl certificate on my OWA server so in turn I updated my ISA 2000 server. The problem is when I log into the web site I still see the old ssl cert and not the new cert. My question is how do I get the new cert to show up when I go to my OWA page. I am a newbie when it comes to ISA 2000 server and would greatly appreciate any help with this problem.

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Have you created new certificate in CA? Then go to IIS manager and add new certificate to your OWA site. Unfortunately don't have it in the office so i can not provide you with step-by-step instructions.

BTW why you expecting to see new certificate if you just reinstalled ISA? Certificate is stored on OWA machine not on ISA.

tbell3Author Commented:
I believe you might be a little confused, No I did not just reinstall ISA I just purchased a SSL cert and replaced the SSL cert that was self issued [I am trying to set up RPC over HTTP, my understanding of this there are some issues with self issued certs] I realize that you must install the cert on the OWA server and this has been done. I also see the cert if I go directly to the OWA server I see the new ssl cert. The problem is when I try to access it from the Internet it goes thru the ISA box and here lays the problem the server is only showing the old self made cert.
If I am correct you need to publish the cert on the ISA server so it will allow ssl traffic to transverse.

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