Windows Explorer randomly opens a random folder

I will be just sitting at my computer and all of the sudden a folder will magically open on my desktop. This folder is normally a system folder such as X:\windows or X:\windows\system32 but it sometimes displays a random folder from somewhere else..ranges any where to personal folders to program folders. I have ran NAV and it finds nothing. I also have noticed my computer is slower and my msn messenger tends to disconnect quite a bit lately. I have been stumped for a few days. I have searched all over the internet but have been unsucessful in finding another person with the same problem. i dont know if the msn messenger thing is realated but it seemed to have started about the same time as the random folder opening. I just ran adaware and nothin but tracking cookies were found. I am running a fairly fresh install of xp..about two weeks old..and it already runs worse than my last install which was about 5 months old. maybe its this new norton internet security:P i have used 2003 for like two years and decided to upgrade..since then that dang norton icon has been blinking!! keeps telling me im not protected but i check and i am screwy..but whatever..i need to get this random folder popup figured out...i have a feeling my security isnt as tight as i thought!!
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rossfingalConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Download Grisoft AVG or Avast (both free) -
Uninstall Norton -
Install an alternate anti-virus program and see if that makes a difference.
However, before you do this: do as gidds99 suggests.

Maybe your mouse or keyboard is faulty.
jasonpojoAuthor Commented:
Thank you..i am not positive if it was a virus but i doesnt do it anymore

Glad you got it fixed!  

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