PXE Boot With Ghost

Hi Guys,

I have just installed Symantec Ghost 8.2 Enterprise.
It came with 3COM PXE Boot Services.

I am trying to configure boot services for PXE, but it seems to be a challenge and a half.

I have created a PXE Image and added this to the default BOOTPTAB configuration, removed all hosts.
Please tell me I do not have to add each PC to the BOOTPTAB file by MAC Address. If I do, there must be some other way.

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Sounds like a router or switch is blocking the outgoing request from Ghost PXE.

Try installing Ghost PXE on a laptop, disable the Symantec PXE Services on your Server and XP PC. Plug the laptop in and make sure PXE works from it. Once you have done this, plug it into the network cable where your Ghost Server is plugged in.

If the problem still occurs, it will be a router or switch which it is connected to.

Good Luck
unitedmpAuthor Commented:
Current Status:

Removed 3Com - Located Symantec Deployment Tools on Ghost CD.

Installed these on Windows XP Machine, managed to get my Custom CD Boot disk converted over and working through PXE just like I wanted, worked perfectly.

Then I uninstalled from the Windows XP Machine, and installed on the Ghost Server (Windows 20003 Server).
PXE does not work now from clients. Can see them connecting on the server as it is detecting the MAC address etc, but they are not being served by the PXE server.
I presume this issue is something to do with ports being blocked as it is a server OS. I guess the question now is, how do I allow the PXE server to serve the clients.

The server is not running DHCP, and does not need to be, as my XP machine is not and was working perfectly.

Any ideas?

have you got sp1 installed
Just bought Ghost and can't seem to find the PXE tools on the CD, as you mentioned.  I tried to use the 3COM Boot Services, but it does not seem to work.  Any suggestions?

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