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How to Call/Reference a TextBox control on the client side

How do I call or reference a textbox control on the client side.  I have a JavaScript pop-up calendar and it works fine in my classic ASP application but now I cannot work out how to call the textbox, have tried so many combinations.

Here is the some of the code

<td valign="baseline">
<asp:textbox id="PreferredDateA" text='<%# rsViewBookingsDetail.FieldValue("PreferredDateA", Container) %>' TextMode="SingleLine" Columns="32" runat="server" ReadOnly="true" /></td>
<td valign="baseline"><img src="images/calendar.gif" width="22" height="17" border="0" onclick='showCalendar(this, document.all('PreferredDateA'),"dd/mm/yyyy",null,0,-1,305)'>
<asp:RequiredFieldValidator runat="server" ID="date1" ControlToValidate="PreferredDateA" ErrorMessage = "Please select a Preference Date "/></td>

I don't know why .NET does not conform to the DOM model 'document.form1.textbox1....... why do they make it harder not easier.  

I know maybe its b/c its all run at the server but why can't I reference the textbox easily.
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1 Solution
You can use this to retrieve the textbox's client-side ID:

<%= this.PreferredDateA.ClientID %>

then you can grab the textbox from the popup using this:

window.opener.document.forms(0).[control's clientid].value = '[new value]';
simonettajAuthor Commented:
Okay so how could I integrate this into the below part I need it to be an onclick event of the image tag.

'showCalendar(this, document.all('PreferredDateA'),"dd/mm/yyyy",null,0,-1,305)'>

Could I put this in <%= this.PreferredDateA.ClientID %>

'showCalendar(this, document.all('<%= this.PreferredDateA.ClientID %>'),"dd/mm/yyyy",null,0,-1,305)'>


Ramesh SrinivasTechnical ConsultantCommented:
To reference an asp.net control you can use:




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If you want to pass the reference to the textbox, use this:

<img ... onclick='showCalendar(this, document.getElementById("<%= PreferredDateA.ClientID %>"),"dd/mm/yyyy",null,0,-1,305)'>
simonettajAuthor Commented:
Hi BurntSky

I copied and pasted your line of code and it came back with object expected error .

Is there something missing?

Here is the web page if you want to see what is happening.....

Very strange.  I saved the generated .aspx and the popcalendar.js files to my machine and opened it in IE.  It works fine.

This leads me to believe that there's some other problem... a confliction of some sort with another javascript function maybe?  Try making a copy of the page and eliminating pieces of it until the problem disappears.

If it wasn't 2:30am here and this question was worth more than 125 points I might be of more help.  If I think of something else, I'll let you know.
simonettajAuthor Commented:
Thanks burnt sky it works I have in include the JavaScript code within the page itself and not as a reference file for some reason.

James Simonetta.

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