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Is there any way to add exceptions to WINXP Firewall remotely since I am the domain Admin?
The problem is that when I applied SP2 for WINXP, the Symantec AV Clients are blocked by the firewall.

I am using Active Directory for network Management.

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purplepomegraniteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Windows XP firewall can be completely controlled by GPO.  Moreover, you can use WMI filters to apply different settings to computer running XP SP1 (which use Internet Connection Firewall) and XP SP2 (Windows Firewall).  You can also assign different settings to clients when they are connected to the domain and when they are away.  I often enable GPO to disable the firewall while on the office network (so long as the office network is suitably secured, which it should be!!).

Full details of controlling the firewall through GPO can be found here:
ALNMOOAuthor Commented:
Great, this amazing!!

Thank you very much

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