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I would like to be able to backup a remote site over a 2mb leased line. The site has about 250gb of data so i would like to be able to do a full backup briong it to main site and then only update the bytes that have chnaged,
I am happy to have  a replication and then back it up in our normally way at main site. I have looked at backup exec and the replication but I find the compresion not enough and it will backup whole files.

any ideas would be welcome
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MendesMountllpConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Good product , Evault has a few different solutions, hosted or on site, wew are using on site and backing up 2 remote offices. After the initial backup , evault will only take the delta of the file.

You may also want to take a look at Doubletake

You might want to take a look at rsync. Although it is more for linux, it will also work with windows, you'll just have to read through the documentation. The good part is that it is free.
blackcsAuthor Commented:
tried that out and found it very slow even over a 100mb network
You want a product that will transmit only the updated *parts* of individual files? The only product I personally know of that does this is Tivoli Storage Manager.  They've been doing it for a long time, but I have not used it myself.

Keep in mind that you should never depend only on incremental bacups.  You should have a mechanism to refresh your full backups on a regular basis.

Retrospect is great for this. They don't support it but we've used it for over the wire backup on some horrible cable modem connections and it's done well. Has a much different method of doing incremental backups that makes it much quicker to recover any file from any backup.

hmm... I'm starting to sound like a sales person for them...

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