Groupwise Server not acquiring free space

Well I have come across this problem, We have Netware 6 no SP installed.
Groupwise 5.5 to service packs installed.

Recently I have asked users to archive emails to their local PC's it was going well but recently Groupwise is not freeing up disk space from archived emails on the MAIL volume..
it is a 12gb drive it has only 530mb free.

How would I need to reclaim more space from the volume.
HOwever if I Check through the web interface and Volumes.. it says it has 2,097,991 mbytes free  whats going on.
It is a NSS Volume I was thinking of running the NSS tools diagnostics on the volume would that be a good Idea..
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Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationAsked:
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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Message deleted from the GroupWise message stores (whether by emptying the trash, archiving, whatever) are not actually removed until the databases are compressed (note that this is not talking about data compression per se, but rather removal of the deleted records). In modern GroupWise (v6.x and later), this function is largely automated, but back in the obsolete v5.x and earlier, this is something that the admins have to do.

In the GroupWise Domain "software" directory, there should be an administrative tools subdirectory. Been awhile since I was on v5.x, so I don't remember the exact location offhand. Look for either GWCHECK.EXE or OFCHECK.EXE...don't remember when the name changed from the latter to the former. That is a standalone message store validation and management tool. One of its functions is to "Expire and Reduce". "Expire" lets you purge messages based on criteria like date or size. "Reduce" compresses the databases by removing the deleted records.

Run that program and perform a "Reduce" on the message stores. In that old environment, I think its probably best run when the system is down. In the modern GroupWise environment, practically all of that tool's functionality has been rolled into the POA and the ConsoleOne Snap-Ins for GroupWise and hence is available while the system is up & running, but I don't think that happened in v5.x (altho, like I said, its been years since I touched v5.x, so I might be wrong).

A "Reduce" should reclaim all the space that users have freed via Archiving.
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationAuthor Commented:
Well before I saw your message my other admin has accidentley run Expire/Reduce messages over 3mb..
This has given us some more space Brilliant!
But what has it actually expired / reduced.
Has it deleted messages from the mailbox of over 3mb???
Yeah, if he ran Expire/Reduce and checked the box "Items Larger Than" and set it to 3MB, then any Item (an E-Mail, or an E-Mail w/attachment or attachments) with a total size in excess of 3MB was removed from the message store, regardless of if it was sent last week or last year, regardless of if it had been Archived, and regardless of if the user had deleted it yet.

To just get rid of E-Mail that users have deleted, run a "Reduce Only"

(Mind you, I'm operating from memory - I don't have the v5.x version of the tool handy)
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Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationAuthor Commented:
Is there any way of getting the data back..???
Do you have backups? Were they made with a backup solution that had/used an open file manager so it could backup the GroupWise databases cleanly?

If you just did an Expire but not a Reduce, then you *may* be able to recover by performing a Rebuild on each User Database. WARNING: This is MESSY. Every message the user ever sent or received and that is still in the system will be recovered and re-appear somewhere in their mailbox (should be in the folder from which it was deleted).

If an "Expire and Reduce" or "Reduce" was performed, then its like any other database environment - if you delete the record and compress the database, backup is the only source of recovering the deleted records.

All depends on what resources you have for recovery, and if the deleted stuff is worth whatever hoops (few or many, depending on the recovery resources) you'll have to jump thru to get it.
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationAuthor Commented:
At the moment we have had no user get on our case , so well leave it as it is ..
FYI, EE has added a GroupWise TA -->
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