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Conversion from Access to Oracle....

Hi all,
        I am trying to convert my Database from Access 2000 format to Oracle 9i..... Is there some freeware/demoware or within Oracle a program that can convert my database from Access to Oracle???
Please note that I donot require the data but only the design of my Access database(Tables only) to be converted into Oracle..... So that I donot need to create the tables all again in Oracle using the Command Prompt Queries.....

4 Solutions
Hi Imarshad,

  You can use oracle supplied tool called Oracle migration work bench.Its a Gui tool. All you need to do is download the plug in for Microsoft Access.Its faily simple to use.


The best way iss to convert your Access tables into CSV files, Then use Oracle's SQL*LOADER utility to upload the data into Oracle database. Search in Google for any avaailable tools for doing this activity.

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Oracle Migration Workbench
The Oracle Migration Workbench is a tool that simplifies the process of migrating third-party database systems to the Oracle platform (Oracle8i, Oracle9i, and Oracle10g). The Oracle Migration Workbench migrates the entire database schema, including triggers and stored procedures, in an integrated, environment.

 Migrates a range of third-party databases to the Oracle platform.  
 Stores information about the structure of the production databases in a repository where you can make changes.
 Retrieves source database information via an online capture or an off-line capture.
 Parses and transforms stored procedures, triggers, and views to Oracle PL/SQL and Pro*C.
 Provides advanced customization capabilities such as the ability to change data type mappings, and delete and rename objects.
 Generates reports about the status of the migration.
 Generates the DDL scripts for the creation of the destination Oracle database.
 Generates SQL*Loader scripts for data movement.
 Allows you to select existing tablespaces in the destination Oracle database to which objects can be migrated.
 Displays informational, error, and warning messages about the migration in the Progress window.
 Resolves object name conflicts, such as conflicts with Oracle reserved words, automatically.

Supported Databases

Microsoft Access
 2.0, 95, 97 and 2000
imarshadAuthor Commented:
Hi all,
        I have downloaded and used Migration Workbench.... I am getting some problem with it.... First step was to capture a source Database....
It was done easily.... Then the next step was to create a Oracle Model from the source model..... This was also done without any errors and I can see the tables, indexes etc. in the Oracle Model... The final step is to Migrate Oracle Model to Oracle database.... This is where I am really stuck....

It asks for UserName , Password, Host, Port and SID.... I have an account imran with DBA rights... And also looking into my TNSNAMES.ORA file I have found that my Host, Port and SID are HOST = imran,PORT = 1521, SID = OracleT

      (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = imran)(PORT = 1521))
      (SERVICE_NAME = OracleT)

But when I enter these values I get the following error.... "Incorrect login information specified. Ensure that the Host, Port, SID values are correct...."
What could be the problem???

and also another annoying error has occured after using that Migration Workbench.... Here is my log file

SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Thu Apr 28 13:48:05 2005

(c) Copyright 2001 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Enter user-name: imran
Enter password: *****

Connected to:
Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production
With the Partitioning option
JServer Release - Production

SQL> connect sys/change_on_install as sysdba
ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

ORA-24313: user already authenticated

Warning: You are no longer connected to ORACLE.
SQL> connect imran/imran
ORA-24315: illegal attribute type

SQL> connect sys/change_on_install as sysdba
ORA-24313: user already authenticated

I think both of these problems are interconnected.... Can someone tell me why this has started happening(That I cant switch user once I am logged from a user)? Uptil yesterday this error was not occuring....

imarshadAuthor Commented:
OK I have got it solved..... Restarting my computer was the key....


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