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When I am at home, I use Outlook to to download my Yahoo! Mail.  However, when I am at work, my company blocks POP access, and I have to read my mail on the web.

Is there any way to work around this? (i.e., changing the port, using HTTP, etc.)
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BarthaxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In essence, the answer is very likely to be simply 'no'.  Read on for an explanation (it's not all-encompassing but covers the likely).

This is entirely down to your provider of the POP3 access.  If they are willing to let you use the POP3 protocol on a port other than port 110 (i.e., port 80 in your case), then this would be the first step toward your goal.  If they don't, then it simply will not work.

If your provider does allow access on port 80, then your own work machine and work environment may be working against you.  You are able to use the HTTP protocol (getting web pages) but this is most likely to be going through a proxy server, so anything your machine sends out destined for a web-access port (i.e., ports 80 and 443 - normal and secure web access) goes via the proxy server.  Your proxy server will be talking the HTTP protocol and if it receives a connection which does not talk to it first (in HTTP the client "talks" first, in POP3 the server "talks" first) then it will simply time out.  There is the possibility that you have a SOCKS server in place and in that circumstance the SOCKS proxying may just get you your work around - in an Microsoft environment this is unlikely.
"This is entirely down to your provider of the POP3 access."  D'oh, that was supposed to be "partially down to..."
On my corporate network I can't access my home POP account unless I have a proxy or isa client installed on the machine.  Same thing with IM.  You might investigate that as well.
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