Illegal operation appears when opening a Warcraft game program.

I recently installed a game WARCRAFT in my pc. I was able to access the said game for two days now, but lately when I access the game again I encountered an illegal operation warning in my monitor. What will I do?
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MrBillisMeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it's not too late do a scanreg /restore back to the days when it worked.  
Start in command mode by hitting F8 at boot up, select command mode, enter scanreg /restore and select early date when application worked.

If it can not be restore or restore does take then uninstall, reboot and reinstall.

If still will not open then a virus or hardware problem may exist. That's a longer road.
I bet this has to do with your graphic card? Check to see if it is to the system requirement for War Craft.

Could you please post the error message here?

Without that, we're only guessing.

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