GPO Settings for WLAN security configuration on Windows XP PRO SP2

Is there a possibility to configure WLAN settings or usage permissions for WLAN nodes on Windows XP PRO SP2 in an Active Directory environment over GPO's? I'm looking since days on the web and I can't find something usable.
If yes, please provide me a solution way.

Thanx m@
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What are you looking ot do specificly?
mathias74Author Commented:
The question can be closed. I found the solution myself.
mathias74Author Commented:
There is no GPO for those settings. I made an executable to control the nic nodes over WMI. It works (but not so fine). What ever. I don't need the question to be answerd. The anwer can be found in WMI\Win32_NetworkAdpater and WMI\Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration of the client os.
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