Pro's and Con's of MS Windows 2003 Terminal server

Hi guys,

I need to know the pro's but more importantly the cons of running an office on Terminal server sessions

Ill start with a few

Central management
Central upgrades, patches and so on
Log in on session trough http (right?)
Bandwith friendly

Only good if all users need the same programs
Unable to use active sync PDA's
need addditional licensing
unable to install user specific programs (right)

pls give me your experience before i turn over to TS and jump in a pool of trouble
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Netman66Connect With a Mentor Commented:
No, no restriction other than you will need TS CALs for them.

You'll also need to make sure the bandwidth is adequate to run as a TS client without a huge performance hit.
You have to ask yourself if there is a reason to spend the extra money.  Do you have a specialized application?  Simply spooling up TS just for casual Office usage is not cost effective.

By the end of this year, the new SUS (now called WSUS - Windows Server Update Services) will be released.  It's free, can be setup with targetted updates and will update pretty much everything Microsoft.  So, that being said, you can deploy software via Active Directory, then update it using WSUS.  This will be more than sufficient fuel to maintain current workstation deployment over running TS.

ezjurgenAuthor Commented:
well they use Office and a few other memory eating apps, but their desktops need replacing. So I could buy a ts server and the sheeper thin clients... but  any restrictions on usage and connections?
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