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I have an ipod shuffle . The earbud is too long. I want to cut it shorter. Can I reconnect the wire after I cut it? Or can I buy earbud with short cord anywhere? I realize that there're some retractable ones out there but if I can just do it myself then I don't have to have that bulky cord house around my neck.
Please recommend.
Thank you in advance.
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Note that the wire used in these types of devices (i.e. the earbud wires) are almost impossible, if not completely impossible, to solder.  

It's an very very thin copper strip wrapped around a fiber core.  This design makes the wires very flexible but the copper is so thin that you will burn it if you try to solder it.  Usually these are not soldered but are crimped or spot welded using special equipment which you probably don't have.

My advice is to either live with the problem or buy a different pair of earbuds that are more to your liking.  If you cut the wires on these earbuds you will ruin them.
CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's a standard headphone jack with standard wire.  You can cut it, but make sure when you reconnect the cut ends to attach them back securely.  Solder is best, and wrapping the exposed cut with electrical tape (or a secure white vinyl tape, for matching color) should be done.  If you can't solder, twisting the exposed ends together and taping it over is an alternative.
Or, why not just loop the cord around to shorten it and hold it together with a twist-tie?  That way, you keep the original length for any time you may need it.
rudy_baggaConnect With a Mentor Commented:  Check out the "smartwrap"
dol007Author Commented:
Callandor, that's exactly what I'm doing right now but I want it to look a bit better.
Jhance, thank you for the tip. I almost ruined my earbud.
Rudy, thanks for the idea. All things exist.. just need to be able to find them.
I'm splitting the points.
Thanks guys.
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