Invalid Report Version

Is there anyway too open these files when you get the error message 'failed to open document'....'invalid report version'... p.s im using v8.5... no idea what the report was created in, presumably an earlier version.
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Versions of crystal usually open files form th epreviuos 4 versions do CR 8.5 should open version 6 reports if the reports ar ebuilt prior to that version then you're out of luck. Could it be that the report was actually created in a later version ? CR changed daramatically between V8.5 and 9 and these definitely will not open with V8.5.

You could try downloading the evaluation version of CR 10 or XI either of these will open report created in V9 and later.


Agree with Gary.  Crystal generally can import the previous versions.

Here is support for the problem of CR9 or 10 in CR8.5

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