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Adv & Disadv of CF over ASP.net and PHP

Im looking for some adv and dsadv of CF compared with asp.net and php. Any experiences you may have had good or bad with all three technologies.

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Following link is describing the comparisin charts:
(Note that you need to specify a language of ASP.NET as there are many "flavors")

I haven't really used PHP much, but I code extensively in both ASP.NET with C# and Cold Fusion.

I have found that depending on the task one is better.

For example, if you need to do extensive connections to other Microsoft servers such as Active Directory, Exchange, etc you will have a much easier time doing so in ASP.NET.

If you need to write an application where you can extract out the tiers of the project (i..e separate the database connection from the business layer of code, from teh web layer of code - so that you could have a windows application and web application using the same business rules and data access coding) then again ASP.NET is a better choice.

If you are solely developing for the web and you have a much shorter development timeframe then Cold Fusion is the clear choice.

Comparing asp (or asp.net) to CF has come up a lot.

Here is another response that has been posted:
Advantage of ColdFusion over ASP? http:Q_20909893.html
VHSBAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply mrichmon.
I have nearly completed the deveopment of some web scraping software using Coldfusion and Im interested in your opinions of how good ASP.net with C# may be for such a project. For example is it more effective than CF for parsing, retrieving web pages etc.

I have not really used it for any webscraping, so I would not be a good person to give an opinion on that.
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