Lanczos3 or Mitchell?


I'm developing an image enhancement application; I'm implementing an existing API, which offers several different Filter types. There's a list of Filters (e.g: Triangle (also known as Linear filter or Bilinear filter), etc..).

I'm after the filter who's results are the best.. I will test it a bit later, to see if I can notice a difference, but for now it's come down to two filters:

   ~ Lanczos3
   ~ Mitchell

The Lanczos3 is the best quality filter in some Photo editing applications which I've used, however, none of them contain the Mitchell filter ... so, does anyone have any idea which filter is best?

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the  Lanczos3 is generally considered slightly better but a little more expensive to implement

What are you using them for resisizing or jjust smoothing? There are many other filters  are easier to implement for both operations
InteractiveMindAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much Gwyn.  :-)

I'm after the filter which "is somewhat better", and according to the article you posted, it's the Lanczos3 one; the 'expense' of computing it is not a problem fortunately  =)

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