Transaction log examination for Field data deletion

I have a Database with a table and some fields in it.  One of the records had some data deleted from a field and I want to examine this.  Mainly get date and time when it happened exactly.  I have restored the database in a temporary location from last night and the data exist.  So I know that the deletion command exist in my current logs.

The table is and the field is Custom_Field1.  The specific Record is where EVENT_NUM=74703

How do I first “examine” the Transaction logs?  Should I restore them to my test database first?  I just need to find the command that was issued that deleted this field for that record.

Can I open these in Notepad and search for this info?
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arbertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't really examine them on your own.  Third party tool is currently required like logexplorer (
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