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Calling SSL web service from win32 dll or unmanged code

Any one know of a product that allows a win32 windows application to call web services via a win32 dll or NON .net application/interface?

We have a win32 application that can call dlls.  We've implemented the MS SOAP 3.0 toolkit, but I'm running into problems now when using the toolkit to call SSL secured web services.

Solutions include:
1.  Figure out how to call SSL web services with MS SOAP 3.0?  Which also happends to be obsolete very soon.  I've done some reading to find out how to do this, but it looks rather time consuming and solutions were not complete.  Our test web service server also uses test certificates instead of real CA authorized ones.
2.  Figure out how to build a .net dll and wrap it in a COM interface that our program can access.  
3.  Purchase a product that already does 2 above.

I would really appreaciate anyone with other ideas on a solution... THANKS.

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1 Solution
Have you seen http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/vcsample/html/vcsamsecuresoapsample.asp ("SecureSOAP Sample: Implements a Secure SOAP Communication (HTTPS)")?
andrewtingAuthor Commented:
No, I'll review it now... THANKS!
andrewtingAuthor Commented:
I can't get the SecureValidationClient to compile in Visual Studio 2003.

I get an CTCPAddrLookup undeclare identifier.

Can anyone help?
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Hm, I just built that with VC7, and it worked "out of the box". Have you tried to build the server project first?
andrewtingAuthor Commented:
I found the answer here and download the source code from MSDN.  This version complies correctly.

From: Dan Levi (Dan_Levi@discussions.microsoft.com)
Subject: SecureSOAP example does not compile

I'm trying to use the ATL templates to handle the client side of SOAP over
SSL. I downloaded the SecureSOAP sample, but the client application
compilation fails:

c:\ ... \SecureSocket.inl(111) : error C2065: 'CTCPAddrLookup' : undeclared

The sample is from VS2002 and I'm using VS2003, perhaps that's a clue? The
CTCPAddrLookup class seems to be completely missing.

Any help would be appreciated.

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From: Dan Levi (DanLevi@discussions.microsoft.com)
Subject: RE: SecureSOAP example does not compile

This happened to the version downloaded from msdn on the web.

The version in the distributed MSDN has quite a few differences; it compiles
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