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I'm trying to come up with office desktop standards but we have different types of users. Does video memory matter for office applications, ie., word, excel, powerpt? How about for Photoshop and Illustrator? What about for power users like stock traders having multiple spreadsheets and graphics programs using 3, 4 or more monitors? Should all video cards we're getting have DVI ports now?
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For photoshop  you will need a good card that can handle the textures and colors. Office apps don't need any type of 3d accelorator. Your question for power users having multiple spreadsheets open at once, I would say 2 monitors will be fine. 2 ways of accomplishing that, you get a video card that has two outputs, either 2 vga or vga and dvi, should come with a dvi adapter to use for vga. You can also just install two video cards. DVI monitors are more expensive, than monitors with just vga.
It won't make a different for office applications.  Primarily games or anything using DirectX or OpenGL textures extensively.  64MB seems to be a minimum these days on a good eprforming video card... so, Go for a Radeon 9000 series... like a 9200 or 9250 tend to be pretty cheap and common.  If 128MB is in your budget, go for it, altho you won't notice a visual difference or a performance difference.

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So I guess I need to look at the software specs and see if they use DirectX or OpenGL, but when I look at Photoshop specs they say I need a 16-bit card capable of 1024x768. Does this tell me anything about the type of video card I need? If doubling the video RAM won't make a difference visually or in performance, what's the point? Bragging rights?
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