Sharing folder that does not require a password

I am sharing a drive on a windows 2003 machine.  Any time a computer on the same workgroup tries to access it a password is requested.  Is there a way I can share this drive without a password?
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Well normally, if you want central authentication and you don't want to worry about password prompts for shares and such then you would setup a domain instead of a workgroup. But I don't know how this would work with xbox's....I don't have any xbox experience.

You could try enabling the guest account on the windows 2003 box and giving it access to the share (of course this makes the 2003 box extremely unsecure and more easily open to attack).
Yes.  On all the comptuers connecting to the share, create the same exact user account with the same user name AND the SAME password as one on the computer with the share.

You are being prompted for a password because in a workgroup there is no way to centrall authenticate users. Authentication is done locally on each machine and therefore a password prompt is given in order to authenticate the user on that particular computer.
isilverAuthor Commented:
I am acutally connecting a series of xbox's to this windows 2003 server and they don't have any way of creating users or passwords.  All the xboxs can do is check the network to see what is being shared. They can see that the Windows 2003 machine is sharing.  But when it tries to access the drive it won't authenticate becasue their is no way to enter a username/password.

Is there a way I can set it up on the Windows 2003 machine not to ask for authentication?
Enabling the guest account will give xbox access without a password.....I think this is your only option :)
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