Office 2003 hangs when attempting to Cut & Paste from IE (same with Excel and Outlook using Word as editor)

I use Office 2003 SP1 on Windows XP Sp2.
When I select anything other than pure text in IE and attenpts to paste it into Word or Excel (and I use Word as my default editor in Outlook) the applications ends up handing indefinitely (i.e. if its trying to to import anything but the text is fails).
In my ZoneAlarm Pro I prevented Word and Excel from accessing the web (who knows why Bill Gates wants that). I have a feeling this has to do with that. If the system is not connceted the cut and paste seem to work more often than if it connected (bit not 100% either). The result is of course that I need to kill the application and in that acse most cases I lose the work I did (even with a Save function running in the background every few minutes).

What shoudl I do?
At the moment the only way around this was to configure a keyboard shortcut for the Past Special function, and so, instead of pasting with CTRL+C I do a paste special as text only. But if I fail to remember that - I'm screwed. And Excel has no programmed shortcuts available...
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That's correct, you should always use special paste to prevent any corrutpions to come into your document.  Do the following:

In Word, Go into Tools > Options > Edit Tab > under Cut and Paste Options > check Show Paste Option Buttons and Smart Cut and Paste.

When you past whatever text from the internet into word (ctrl + v) you will get a smart tag at the end of your text.  Click on the drop down and select text only.

You'll want to make a habit of doing this or using the special paste because you protect your computer and your document from bringing in any corruptions.

eroka00Author Commented:
Dear Xanadu_1,
The two checkboxes you mentioned are checked.
If I paste something I always get the pull down menu that you mention. But that is not the problem I have.
I have the problem that unless I do Paste-Special the Words stops responding and hangs, with very little chance of me recovering the document.
So the issue - how do I prevent Word and Excel from accessing the web without stopping to respond. In my ZoneAlarm Pro it's marked as no access. Which would mean that I should get the text only.
Your advice does not solve the hanging issue. And it's hard to believe that MS would mean that to happen...

But thanks for your contribution.
eroka00Author Commented:
I don't have any answer then... I opened via my ZoneAlarm access to Word and Excel. Of course it does not hang now but I had to give in to MS configuring this access as deafult. At least now I don;t get Outlook or Word to hang and lose my work.

Admin - this thread can be deleted.
eroka00Author Commented:
Thanks in any case...
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