Multiplayer Pong Game?

HI there, well iam new at this videogame stuff and i really need a code for a multiplayer pong game in c#, i will really aprecciate if someone can help me with this. thanks
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jong3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a very loaded question.  A multiplayer graphical pong game would be quite complex to say the least.  This will raise A LOT of questions.  Are you intending on doing this in DirectX?  If so, then you will need to read up on DirectX API.

If you are looking to do this without DirectX, You can take a look at the following source code:

The above code is a fully playable pong game, without multiplayer support.  This should get you in the right direction.

If you have any _Specific_ questions regarding this issue, then it would be easier to help.  Asking such a broad question is very difficult to answer.

Good luck.
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