User Disk Quotas on a Directory


I need to add user disk quotas on a directory.

I have a single volume with multiple directories.  I want ONLY ONE of these directories to have user disk quotas enabled.  I have heard you can configure a directory with a MOUNT POINT, and then enable quotas on that mount point... will this work?

Here's my setup:

D: drive:

D:\Public - No quota
D:\Engineering - No quota
D:\Users\Bob - 500mb limit for bob
D:\Users\Joe - 500mb limit for Joe


Will this work?

Also, I have tried to setup a Mount Point for D:\Users, but when I double-click the directory after setting the mount point, it sends me back to the D: drive root...?  Very odd!

Please advise.
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jonsey5090Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, you're correct in that you can set up quota's on a mounted volume, but first you have to create a new volume. Do this in computer management, you need to mount the volume to an empty directory (D:\Users making sure that the directory is empty). Once you have created the volume and mounted it to a folder, you now need to enable disk quota's on it. Do this by right clicking on the volume in computer management and choosing properties, then navigate to the quotas tab and set up your quotas.

Hope this helps,

techleetAuthor Commented:
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