I have been saved! Convert me from Windows to Linux

I am looking for a good book geared toward a Windows Sys Admin / programmer who wants to learn linux.

I learn best from tutorial style books - a 700 page tutorial would serve me just fine!
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Before welcoming you to the 'NIX, I want you to make absolutely sure you have made yourself absolutely free of all M$ stuff.
Here is the checklist:

1. look for all M$ CD's, Books, Floppy's, License agreements, activiation keys etc, and BURN them.
2. Download UBCD from http://ultimatebootcd.com, burn it to cd and use it to wipe all of your HDs from every memory of M$.
3. Run a "Clear M$" routine on your Brain to remove the last memories of bill and redmond.

Now we Welcome you to the Linux Community!!!!

Although you are probably already somewhat past being a dummy, this could still be a good book:


Right on the homepage there is an ad for a good book:


If you click on the "books" link, you'll find more, possibly linux in a nutshell could be good...

Good reading!
lol, nice comment rindi.
If you really sick about M$ (i mean you  lost all memories but you still get this strange feeling). Try gentoo, since you must build the system all from scratch, you get to know almost all behind it... There are also nice forums and nice tutorial to install gentoo:
If you want just to try out linux for first time i recommend knoppix (search google for it) it is a live cd, you put it on cd rom and then you can directly boot linux (if you want it), there are still mac os x if you dont want it, or solaris (for free but without sources..).
If you still stay in linux, check out what knoppix can offer you, since it is at start almost like windows without windows. My configuration has nothing more in common with the startup of X, (got another window manager and i installed some programs on harddisk that i can start (yes you can still use the fat format for runing linux)).
I know some ppl that loves debian (the dist knoppix is based on), but the first installation is painful and you still has some doubts afterwards, which with gentoo you cant have, since you can see all what is installed...
A Debian install isn't that painfull, if you install it directly froom your knoppix CD, it's probably the most straightforward and fastest linux installation...
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DrDamnitAuthor Commented:
What I have installed is Redhat's Linux. I downloaded it from RedHat, image names were shrike-i386.*. What distribution is that?
it's outdated. If you are looking for redhat, go for fedora core. Redhat has ceised support for the free linux versions and has moved those on to the fedora core project, the current version is 3. The new commercial version of redhat linux is version 4, and that is based on fedora core 3. There is also a free clone of redhat 4, named CentOS.

DrDamnitAuthor Commented:
OK, downloaded Fedora. Now, how about a book for it?
Have you checked out the sites I had above? Most linux distros are similar, so you don't need a book for a certain distro, but more for linux as a whole.
DrDamnitAuthor Commented:
Got it.
tha 'nix. May the linux be with you...
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