How to keep DOS Window as full screen

We are running a DOS Application and need to get the DOS Window to stay at a full screen.  When hitting ALT + Enter it will open to the full screen but goes back to the default size after 3 minutes.  We do not know how to keep it full screen.
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Controlling 'Command' or 'DOS-like' Screens In XP/2K
It seems that setting up a shortcut pointing to a DOS app
defaults to using CMD.EXE rather than COMMAND.COM.

To correct the screwy display, you'll have to modify the
shortcut that starts the program. Right click on the shortcut
icon and choose "Properties." Click on the "Program" tab.
You'll see an entry on the "Cmd line" that reads something
C:\whateverDOSprogram folder\whateverDOSprogram.EXE

Change this so it reads:

COMMAND /CC:\whateverDOSprogram folder\whateverDOSprogram.EXE

Notice the slashes go in different directions, and the only
space is after COMMAND. For the "Run" setting, choose
"Maximized." Click "OK".

Double click the icon to start the program. If the display
still looks wrong, click on the icon in the upper left corner
of the DOS window. (This may look like a little MS-DOS, or a
little C:\ prompt icon.) From the resulting menu, choose
"Properties." Click the "Layout" tab. Change the "Screen
buffer size" and "Window size" settings to width of 80 and
height of 25. Click OK. If it asks if you want this to apply
to all windows like this, answer "Yes."

Exit out of the program. Double click the icon to start it
again, and the screen should look normal.

Which version of Windows are you using???  Under XP Pro, do the following (Shopuld be about the same for any ver. of Windows, but I'm not entirely sure).

1) Find your command prompt under start->programs (usually under accessories). Right click on command prompt, then click properties.

2) Under the options tab, click on Full Screen, in the Display Options. You can also set the font type/size, etc.  

3) Hit ok and now the DOS window should open in full window mode and stay there.
A couple of my video cards have a similar problem w/ full screen in DOS mode.
The pif files (shortcuts) to .exe 's can be finicky, depending on user config the window size settings may not be remembered properly.
This has always worked for me:

Open notepad.
Enter the following: (replace this with path to your dos program, and switches (if any))

@echo off
C:\dosprogramsfolder\dosprogram.exe /any_switches /your_program_requires

choose save as c:\dosprogramsfolder\whatever.bat
right click on desktop
choose new->shortcut
enter c:\dosprogramsfolder\whatever.bat
hit next
Enter any name for the shortcut.
Right click on the new shortcut on your desktop.  Choose the layout tab.  Adjust the size of the window here to fill the whole screen. hit apply.

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make a batch file of ur dos application like
open noepad or any editor

place ur application execute file path and file name like

@echo off
cd\dos\application folder name


save the file as .bat extenstion .. like name should b *****.bat

now create the shortcut of that batch file into ur desktop or where ever u want ..

right click on the shortcut and press properties then press option then press full screen

and press okey

Right click --->properties---> Choose 'Misc' Tab and set Idle Sensitivity to Low.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
johnpatbullock, The problem you have appears to be a dos font issue.
Add to the screen fonts and run the app that you want to run in a DOS Window. Here are the instructions
on how to set it up.
First this is the link that you are going to have the fonts from:-
Note: you should be loged in as Administrator.

Install the appropriate bitmap font after downloading it. the font that you'll install called NewDOS, This font gives you the following sizes:
13 pt 8 x 17
17 pt 10 x 22
21 pt 12 x 28
22 pt 12 x 29
24 pt 14 x 32
24 pt 14 x 33

Go to Control Panel\Fonts\Add
A new window will popup with the caption Add Fonts, Select the path to the font file (NewDOS)
You should see a name under List of Fonts: New Dos Fullscreen
Select this one and click OK
You now have more sizes available for the users in DOS sessions.
Click on the upper left corner to expose Properties then select it
You should see four tabs:
General Settings, Font Selection, Screen Size & Position and Screen Colors

Select Font Selection
Choose Raster Fonts and you should see a listing of sizes ranging from
4 x 6 to 14 x 33

Highlight the 8 x 17 size if you are using a monitor with the screen resolution
of 640 x 480 or...
Highlight the 10 x 22 size if you are using a monitor with the screen resolution
of 800 x 600
Im not sure which size to choose for higher resolutions but I know one of
the sizes should work

Next go to the General settings tab and select Display options as Full screen.

Good luck
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I suggest a point split, Turn
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