Does MAC support Active-X controls?


We have a customer with a MAC running the latest version of IE.
Our software runs exclusively through an Active-X control.
Does MAC with the latest version of IE support active-x controls?
If not, what would be the alternative besides Virtual PC?

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rcomishConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Mac doesn't support most ActiveX controls - the problem being that the controls are basically Windows programs that load inside the browser, which the Mac can't execute.

Your two options would be something like Virtual PC, or some form of Citrix or MS Terminal Services solution. The problem with the latter is that you'll need a server and a bunch of CALs to make it work legally, so it's probably going to be prohibitively expensive.

davidis99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Based on my read on Microsoft's FAQ page for the Macversion of IE,


"Why am I receiving ActiveX errors when I try to view certain Web pages?

Some Web pages may have ActiveX controls that have been built for the Win32 platform and don't support Mac OS. If this happens and you are unable to view the page, you can turn off the viewing of ActiveX content. To do so, choose Preferences from the Edit menu, click Web Content under Web Browser, and then clear the Enable ActiveX checkbox. If this fixes your problem, the ActiveX control most likely did not support Mac OS. "

So, while IE for Mac does support ActiveX, if the ActiveX control is written for Win32, a Mac user will not be able to use that control natively.  In that event, VirtualPC would be the best option for the Mac user needing to run that application.
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