outlook to exch 2003

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All of my clients take about 1-2 min to connect to the exchange server when opening outlook...

The do not have "ost" or "pst" configured, i have also deleted there old profile and recreated a new one and still the same problem.  What could this be? dns lookup problem?  I have also tried when setting up the account to use the mail servers IP address instead of the machine name...!

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which DNS ever are your clients pointed to for DNS name resolution? They should only be pointed to your AD DNS server and not your ISP's dns server.

when you say you deleted their old profile and created a new one. do you mean their whole profile OS (ie C:\docs and settings\username\) or just thier outlook profile?
hitechautoAuthor Commented:
All clients point the local AD/dns server, on - exchange is on a member server ""

Yes, the whole winxp profile i deleted, as well as the outlook profile.

thats odd,, most of the time its a simple DNS problem when things like this happen network wide.  Is your ISP's DNS server listed at all on the client end?  Can you explain a little more about your setup? how many DCs do you have? how many exchange servers do you have?  are your outlook clients connecting to exchange via MAPI (the default--IE when you setup outlook you choose "microsoft exchange server")?  Is this a new problem or did it just start doing this?
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