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     In some of Microsoft Compiled help files (.chm) i have seen "Favourites" tab..I thought that it will be very useful as we can  bookmark pages and can easily refer to it later but unfortunately only some of .chm files have "Favourites" tab..
    So, Is it possible to add "Favourites" tab to .chm files which have no "Favourites" tab programatically or by any software.

Any help is appreciated.
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Hany_mmaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you want to make a .chm files to add in your app and want to add a favorite tab
there is a program in microsoft site called workshop makes a .chm files
and you can add any tab you want
I'm wondering if you could a .chm file into, say, Robohelp, then add favorites?

We are currently using MS HTML Help Workshop and want to add an additional tab (Glossary). There is no description of this in the help for the application and we have been informed by MS that additional tabs, apart from the standard tabs Contents, Index, Search and Favorites, cannot be added. You can select not to include any one of the std tabs, but not add new ones. If you have an ace up your sleeve that would solve our problem, I would very much appreciate more information about it.
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