Win98: can't do the Windows updates

I can't do the windows updates at on a Win98 PC.    It just says "software update incomplete".  It has a link to a paper on this:;EN;Q319585&LN=EN

However, i can't get this to work.  One file to delete is iuhist.xml, but this always says it's in use and won't let me delete it.  Also, it says to "Visit the Windows Update Web site to install new copies of the ActiveX controls", but I can't find this on the update site. Where is it?

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MrBillisMeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To delete the files named iuctl.dll and Iuengine.dll can be done on DOS mode. First search and find the files and write done their location C:\windows\system32 or wherever they are, then reboot to a command prompt, tap F8 key during start, selete command prompt and then at the C: prompt CD to the directory the file is in and enter

del iuctl.dll

Repeat this for each directory and each file.

Also check your system clock (both date and time). I've seen that cause problems if not correct.
_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If this is W98SE, you can try it this way. (not sure if it will work on W98FE)

W98se SP1:

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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look here what MS says :;en-us;319585

you can use killbox to delete active files :
sysandprogConnect With a Mentor Commented:

To delete files in DOS mode the system must be in full DOS mode, as in "EXIT to DOS", not just in a DOS prompt.

For convenience, I have both modes set up as shortcuts on my DESKTOP.  The one for "EXIT to DOS" is a little tricky to create.

I finally deduced that the DOS prompt mode is really still a subset of Windows.  Thus, files locked by Windows remain locked.
Thank you much.    : )
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