Page Cannot be Displayed OWA error only on one laptop

I can access my clients OWA from any workstation in my office. When the client takes his laptop on the road we get The page cannot be displayed. I can ping the server and get a reply. He can get to it from a computer in the hotel lobby. (which I am sure he didn't clear out the history) It seems to be a browser issue. Any suggestions.
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Presuming that the laptop is on the latest version of Internet Explorer, the number one cause of errors with OWA is issues with the Temporary Internet Files.  

Close Internet Explorer and then delete the Temporary Internet Files. Restart IE.

GroundHawgAuthor Commented:
Update Internet Explore is the issue We can open it using Mozzilla.
GroundHawgAuthor Commented:
Did that. Still no go. Deleted history files, cleared the DNS cache, and checked for BHO's. A few months ago the client had a virus that someone in his office removed but IE was getting a scripting error. I corrected that error and anywhere else they browse works fine. When the client gets back in town will work on it more may have to uninstall IE and reinstall. For now they are using FireFox. thanks for the suggestions. Will post if we find an answer to the exact cause.
GroundHawgAuthor Commented:
This quesion is still an issue. I would like to blow away the load on the laptop but the client has too many programs installed and can not find all the software. So I would like to fix this on the unit. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I have ran CWShedder, AVG, Symantec anti-virus, Adaware , etc. I even ran IE Fix tool and still can not get the OWA page to open. Can't be a DNS issue since Firefox opens it right up. thanks in advance!
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