SQL SERVER equivalent DBA,CONNECT,RESOURCE roles in Oracle

Can you give me SQL Server equivalent of DBA,CONNECT,RESOURCE roles in Oracle? Can you state the simularity and difference between them?
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Here are the available roles in SQL Server.  I am not familiar with the roles in Oracle but based on these definitions, I guess you will be able to select their equivalent:

Fixed Server Roles
sysadmin - Can perform any activity in SQL Server.
serveradmin - Can set serverwide configuration options, shut down the server.
setupadmin - Can manage linked servers and startup procedures.
securityadmin - Can manage logins and CREATE DATABASE permissions, also read error logs and change passwords.
processadmin - Can manage processes running in SQL Server.
dbcreator - Can create, alter, and drop databases.
diskadmin - Can manage disk files.
bulkadmin - Can execute BULK INSERT statements.

Fixed Database Roles
db_owner - Has all permissions in the database.
db_accessadmin - Can add or remove user IDs.
db_securityadmin - Can manage all permissions, object ownerships, roles and role memberships.
db_ddladmin - Can issue ALL DDL, but cannot issue GRANT, REVOKE, or DENY statements.
db_backupoperator - Can issue DBCC, CHECKPOINT, and BACKUP statements.
db_datareader - Can select all data from any user table in the database.
db_datawriter - Can modify any data in any user table in the database.
db_denydatareader - Cannot select any data from any user table in the database.
db_denydatawriter - Cannot modify any data in any user table in the database.
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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
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