NAT - Cisco - Port Translation from inside to inside possible?

We have a customer that we deployed a 1711 Cisco to recently.  They have a fixed IP address from us (ISP).  Internally they have subnet

They requested an internal web server be reachable from the outside world so we did a NAT translation for this.. no problem.

Let's say their public IP is

From internally, they would like to reach the webserver at instead of the internal address of

Is there a way to do this in this setup?

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No can do, sir. In order for the NAT to happen, packets *must* physically pass through the "nat outside" interface before a packet will be translated to the static internal IP. Since the packet originates on the "nat inside" interface and cannot possibly go outside and back in through the nat outside interface, there is now way for the router to do it.
The PIX has some tricks like "alias" and "dns doctoring", but those are not available on IOS routers.
kpmasAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer... appreciate it... I just wanted to hear confirmation from an expert..:)

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