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Question on using conditional formatting in an expression using MS Reporting Services. This is a time sensitive issue for me.

1. iif - how do you do like an if...elseif...else type statement with these?
2. switch - how do you specify a default for a switch?

thanks in advance, I \'m having trouble finding decent resources out there for anything beyond the most basic tutorials

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ABaruhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
=IIF(Thing To Test, What to do if True, What to do if False)

Set Visibility.Hidden = True if Parameters!Test.Value = 0

=IIF(Parameters.Test.Value = 0, True, False)

You can use code to handle more detailed If..then logic.  You actually create the Code in the Code tab of the Report Properties.  See this site about embedding code in the report:

I'm not sure what you mean by switches.
animated405Author Commented:

thanks, i thought I could do this right in the expression for that fields in the table, but the code portion works just as well.

also, I was talking about a switch statement instead of using and if...else type statement which I could have put right in the expression if I knew how to set the default case
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