simple pix firewall 500 series question

Hi, Im looking to move many of my vpn/routers to pix firewall solutions.  I've seen some of them on ebay for arround 100 dollars, and saw there are some licencing issues to watch for.  I have three easy questions.

is there licences to buy for users on the lan to get out via the pix gateway? if so, how much are the licences, and what does it come with by derault?

is there a limitation to how many ipsec vpn tunnels this can estabilsh? and is this a licenceing isuse also?

lastly, can this device be connected to via remote uers?  I mean without having extra hardware.  Like does it have a built in pptp server, or does this come with ipsec client based software to connect to it, or is that licencing extra.

Thanks, first person to get me the awnsers wins, actually I win.

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There is only one model of PIX that has any licensing restrictions - the little 501. It comes in three "flavors" -
10 user, 50 user, and unlimited. You buy the one 'flavor' license key for the box, no other license needed for individual clients. The 501 supports 4 VPN tunnels.
All other PIX models are not user-restricted in any way.

Yes, any version of PIX can support remote clients, either with Microsoft PPTP client or with Cisco's own IPSEC client (very nice, and free, as long as you own a first-hand PIX, meaning not second-hand used model, but new).
No client licensing at all, just the 4 VPN restriction on the 501 model regardless of user license flavor.

Well not all PIX firewalls have VPN capabilities.  You can use IPSEC on a used Firewall if you reinstall the IOS.

Reinstall IOS:

pcavenueAuthor Commented:
OK thanks guys, so the verdic is that i can get a used one if i just want to use windows stock pptp client and it does come with a built in pptp server????
Yes, any PIX with ver 6.x has the capability to be a PPTP and/or IPSEC VPN server.
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