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Agent unreachable

Using 10g database control.
When i enter http://instance.domain:5500/em
i log in and the first page says 'Agent unreachable'
On the machine i enter
emctl status agent and it says the agent is running and ready.  
Where do i look to find out why EM is showing that 'Agent unreachable'?
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1 Solution
You have changed the domain or domain name or the IP of the computer.
Or it has dynamic IP.
Everything from the above list is killer of the agent.
This is the faith of every agent :-)
xoxomosAuthor Commented:
No.  Domain has not changes.
       IP has not changed
       domain name has not changed ...yet.
       has fixed ip address.
---->   has fixed ip address.

I guess this.
The agent saves encrypted IP and other domain details.
Oracle do not give clue (security!) how to fix this.
I have not solved similar issue.

I succeed to export my DB, th drop the old one, to create a new one
and to import the DB back. Sorry, this is a very common issue with 10g.
In Febryary main domain name and IP was changed and .... i was 2 weeks without
OEM trying to fix.... mess

Partial fix is to remofe the OEM using
emctl -r

or something like this
and after that to go to the DBCA and to modify the DB to work with OEM.
The first page with the statistics will not be displayed, but you will be able to control
your DB.
xoxomosAuthor Commented:
Yes, i've done the emctl -r and that's the situation, i just don't get the first page.  It is only that one machine.  There are three others all in the same domain etc, but for some reason that agent cannot be reached on just that one.  
mil gracias
The agent on the machine with changed IP will not start.

Oracle do not says how to fix this, because they save in encrypted form the IP, domain name, etc. and when these changes the Agent will not start. If they say how it workjs this will open the window for hackers and intruders with their false Agents and they will hack every Oracle instance.

I was furios in February, but the only way was to drop and to recreate the DB.

Gracias seniore!

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