Mail being treated as spam

My Linux sever (equipped with CPanel) hosted 100 websites.
Lately, outgoing email to is being treated as spam and forwarded to Bulk folder (where no one will mind to click on)
I have contacted with; however, they did not answer (2 weelks already)

do you have any idea about where (what company, coorperarion . . . ) that I can contact and make a change

thank you veru much
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pablouruguayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the yahoo spam control like other, check the RBLs black lists.

check if your server or the address ip block is in it.

You might be using scripts to send mails.
Yahoo has spam controller which checks for mails sent through scripts.
Best option is ask users to check "Not Spam" option for a mail from your server. next time onwards it will go to Inbox.

valleytechAuthor Commented:
thanks. I have done it
I am grateful for your replies
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