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stand alone AVI player - is there such a thing?

I have a lot of VCDs that I would like to remove from my computer. I would like to burn these to DVD without having to convert them to MPEG2. MPEG2 takes too long, and when I attempt to convert the audio never matches the video. I need an AVI stand alone player.
here are the questions;

1. is AVI the same as VCD, SVCD, DIVx, or something else I might be familiar with?
2. is there such a machine as a stand alone DVD player that will play AVI format

I currently have the following stand alone player;
CH-DVD 300/S DVD Player

I can't get it to play AVI format - is there such a thing? Who makes it, and where can I find it in the U.S.A?
2 Solutions
Hi concretesailors,

   Avi is actually a wrapper format - there can be just about anything inside it audio or video - of any av format - you might for example be able to play some avi files and not others depending on the audio/video drivers (called codecs) you have installed.

   There are some cheap home DVD players out there that will play PC video CD's of various formats - I think the Panasonics actually have the Microsoft logo on the box - you might check those out at your local store.

   You might also look at things like the dlink media lounge - these devices are like dvd players except they have no drive, instead they get the files from your PC.

- Jack
With regards to converting it ( which I know you said you didnt really want to do ) take a look here :


With regards to dvd players that play avi , take a look around on www.ebay.com and see if you can find any that do, generally speaking you can read the description of what the dvd player does and or can do. Other then that email the person selling it and find out that way maybe.

I completely forgot the brand but will do some googling after this erply LOL.
You have standalone players which will play DivX XviD etc.
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Hi folks, welcome to my little movie page. I think i have to show you something interesting.
I know what everyone of you wants: A STANDALONE DVD Player capable of playing MPEG-4 or let´s say DivX ;-)
Unfortunately there is no one available around on the market at the moment
I have heared that YAMAKAWA plans one but when this will ever be come true,
it will first be released in 2002 AND ... my idea is that they will NEVER be able to play .AVI files
because it´s a file format created by M$, not a standard like MPG
and so on, if they will really bring out one, then perhaps in 2002 no one of us is making DivX ;-) anymore,
we will then create WMV8, OpenDivx or something else.... (who knows)
Because compression technology is going better and better

But the technology is already here....

hmmz... that sounds disappointing.

Just thought of something else though.
Windows Media Center would do the trick wouldn't it?
Not really standalone... but a decent workaround.

Can't find one that play's avi.
Hi concretesailors :-),
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concretesailorsAuthor Commented:
fruhj  - thank you, for your advisement on AVIs, now I know what it is. - 150pts

snerkel  - thank you, for your advisement on the player, now I know what I need. - 350pts

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